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Stop truncating your output you jerk!

The jerk in this scenario is the linux command ‘ps’. I was using it recently in a script that checks to make sure a certain process is running. Whenever I would run the command directly, I would get the desired response, a 1, indicating that the process was found. However, […] Continue Reading

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LEMP Site Setup Script, including SFTP

Setting up a LEMP server on Debian 6 was the first post I ever wrote. The impetus for that post (and this blog) was to chronicle all the steps I took, so that I could go back later and find my answers here, instead of googling them up all over […] Continue Reading

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Crayon Syntax Highlighter (and its studly author)

You may have noticed the syntax highlighter that I use on almost every post (except this one, oddly enough). It’s called Crayon Syntax Highlighter and it’s badassery at it’s finest. I’ve tried a half dozen syntax highlighters for WordPress, but Crayon remains my number one pick.

Story Time!!! When I […] Continue Reading

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