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Crayon Syntax Highlighter (and its studly author)

You may have noticed the syntax highlighter that I use on almost every post (except this one, oddly enough). It’s called Crayon Syntax Highlighter and it’s badassery at it’s finest. I’ve tried a half dozen syntax highlighters for WordPress, but Crayon remains my number one pick.

Story Time!!! When I […] Continue Reading

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Getting this damn blog to look the way I wanted!

I don’t even know where to begin. First, finding a good theme to use as a starting point is HARD. Don’t let anyone tell ya different. Second, tweaking that theme (the right way) is not always easy.

After hours of theme searching I finally came across Grey Opaque by H.-Peter […] Continue Reading

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Missing Admin Bar in WordPress

I just installed Wordpress and after installing a theme I liked I noticed that it was missing the Admin Bar on the public portion of the site. A quick google search turned up the answer in the Wordpress Support Forums:
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