Crayon Syntax Highlighter (and its studly author)

You may have noticed the syntax highlighter that I use on almost every post (except this one, oddly enough). It’s called Crayon Syntax Highlighter and it’s badassery at it’s finest. I’ve tried a half dozen syntax highlighters for WordPress, but Crayon remains my number one pick.

Story Time!!! When I setup this blog a few weeks ago and began writing posts, I ran into a problem with my excerpt plugin not working. I tried changing options, googling for answers, swearing at it, etc, but nothing worked. I finally ended trying another excerpt plugin… and another… and another, but none of them worked. At that point I knew that there had to be a conflict between one of my other plugins and the excerpt plugins, so I disabled them all and sure enough, the excerpt plugins began working. I starting enabling my other plugins one-at-a-time until I found the culprit: Crayon.

I started a thread about it at the WordPress forums and the plugin’s author starting assisting me almost immediately. Within 24 hours he had tracked down the problem and provided me with an updated file which fixed it. Within another 48 hours he had worked that fix into his next version of Crayon. In a word: AWESOME

Many thanks to Aram Kocharyan and his great plugin.   :)

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